Jetsurf is a motor surfboard, hand-made from light carbon fiber, powered by a 90cm3 engine. Jetsurf was created from the need to move borders in water sports. The maximum speed is 55 km/h. Jetsurf designers made sure that it is environmentally friendly, CO2 emissions assuming a ride at a maximum speed of 210g / hour. The Jetsurf board is the lightest board in its category and its weight is only 18.5 Kg. Learning to ride the Jetsurf is extremely easy and sometimes you only need 10 minutes to ride standing.



Boards: Ultra Sport      Race DFi     
40 min. JetSurf (training, 40 min. drive) 400 PLN 600 PLN

Ride on JetSurf


Jetsurf Gdynia Sunrise


JETSURF Sunrise Mission


Jetsurf - czyli deska z napędem motorowym

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Need to know

riding on JetSurf?

Jet surf board is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 3L Which allows driving for about 50 minutes with the assumption of maximum speed.

The minimum age is 18 years old, the maximum weight is 95 Kg., 2 documents with a photo eg. ID card, driving license, passport.

You can make an appointment by phone or via facebook. The place of training depends on the conditions on the water, i.e. each day it will be updated on the website and on facebook

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